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Welcome to Ephemera, the sister website of The Deli. What’s the difference, you ask?

The Deli covers emerging bands and artists in music, whereas Ephemera is all about emerging visual artists across mediums such as painting, sculpture, design, illustration and architecture.

But what’s in that name?

Glad you asked. Artist Victor Moscoso once said of the ’60s psychedelic poster and the 19th century Japanese woodprint that “the throwaway was not thrown away… the ephemeral did not ephemerate.” What we’re looking for, similarly, is the overlooked, the discarded, the forgotten of 21st century NYC. There’s plenty of coverage of the blue-chip artists and their market. We want something less refined, more dangerous.

For nearly a decade now, the media has been touting the “Maker’s Movement,” a paradigm brought on by democratizing technologies like 3D printing, the HD camera, Photoshop, desktop video editing, and ProTools’ digital audio workstation. If these and other platforms have made self-expression cheaper and easier, they’ve also made the field more crowded.

We’ve created this site, therefore, as a place where you, the reader, can meet you makers. But to give you access to these unknown voices, we’re delving deep into the underground to find artists with unique visions of the world. We’re also counting on you to help us out.

If you like what you see here, be sure to let others know about the site; and if you yourself are an artist, or know of an underrated artist that you’d like to see get some coverage, let us know by clicking the “submit” tab and sending us a few pics of the work you think we need to see.

Everything you can imagine is real. And now so is this website. Thanks for checking it out.

Brian Chidester, Editor