For those inclined to the more mystical side of contemporary art, there is perhaps no bigger name than Alex Grey.

His mix of new-age design, ancient iconography, op-art, and fractal imaging has made Grey the avatar of an anarcho-spiritualist movement that includes other visionaries like Paul Laffoley and Jonathan Marshall, to name but a few. Grey’s Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors, about 70 miles north of the city,┬áin Wappinger, NY, has become something of a pilgrimage site for modern seekers and conspiratorial types alike.

Now the artist and his wife will host a three-day event in early June at CoSM called “Art As Prayer,” which grants attendees access to the sanctuary and instruction by fellow mystic artist Randal Roberts. Besides food, a bed, and art supplies, you’ll also learn “to contemplate using art as a meditation and way of enhancing a connection to the deeper self.” (Brian Chidester)