Back in 1965, a small gallery on E. 10th Street in Manhattan boasted a group show titled “Psychedelic Art.” A hand-drawn poster declared it: “The first showing of its type anywhere.” The gallery was called CODA and its owner was an artist named Isaac Abrams.

That show celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this summer, though time has not diminished nor slowed Abrams’ interest in the druggier side of visual art, as evidenced by the paintings and drawings he’s churned out in this new decade alone. (See below.)

Abrams now has a website where his new paintings can be viewed and prints purchased. He is also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever reached out to, more than happy to talk story about the CODA Gallery and its legendary shows with the  bulwarks of the original ’60s psych scene (Grateful Dead, Hendrix, et al). (Brian Chidester)

A Gathering in the Forest of Dreamers


Burt Shonberg’s 1965 poster of the first-ever psychedelic art show, held at Isaac Abrams’ CODA Gallery in NYC’s East Village.