Amoebas is an original light installation created by FLASHBOOM for the performance space Friends and Lovers (641 Classon Ave. in Crown Heights, Brooklyn).

FLASHBOOM is Sabrina Braswell and Andy Miccolis, whose tagline reads simply: “We create things of light and sound.” They are part of a growing trend in lighting design that blends experimental stagecraft to the DIY music scene, creating an all-immersive spectacle.

Inspired by natural and organic forms, where individual parts organize themselves into strange patterns, Amoebas draws on fluidity and color to mimic things like flocks of birds and algae blooms that grow in river-beds. Order emerges from chaos. Shapes seem amorphous yet familiar. In the dark, FLASHBOOM’s lights develop into something new and different with each change.

Presented here are a few photos taken exclusively for The Deli magazine’s 10th anniversary issue. (Brian Chidester)



Sabrina Braswell operating "Amoebas."

Sabrina Braswell operating “Amoebas.”