Brooklyn artist Jack Jerz describes his work as “Savage capitalism in the form of highly consumable/disposable art comics and literature.” On his Instagram profile he also calls himself a sci-fi artist. However Jerz chooses to be labeled, he seems to’ve come out of nowhere with his recent wave of spacey, architectural illustrations. They are as much influenced by quasi-mystical outsider artists like Simon Rodia and Burt Shonberg as they are by contemporary street art; yet the influences are so diffused by Jerz’s loose gestures and unique use of color that a distinct hand already feels apparent.

The artist also has an Etsy site as well where he sells handmade items at reasonable prices. And a comic book for sale here. Or go see his next exhibition at the Yes Gallery in Greenpoint which seems to have a permanent web-page set up to purchase the artist’s latest works. (Brian Chidester)