For over a decade now, NYC artist Jim D’Amato has been articulating the subtle variances in design between plant-life, paisley textile designs, reptiles, and deep sea urchins, by merging these elements in expansive paintings, drawings, and silkscreen prints.

Each D’Amato work is produced with a menacing, heavy metal color palette and there is a definite omnivorous quality to them. More recent paintings are close-cropped and serpentine (and perfectly square); they seem to blend the texture of dragon scales with a Japanese-like fetish for the octopus’s tentacles. D’Amato is no expressionist, however. The thickets of artistic generation are not so much alienated as violent, dreamlike, and mysticallike a little hideaway beneath the waves.

See for yourself a few of the artist’s works at the current Lilac Art Series summer exhibition (Hudson River Park Pier 25). (Brian Chidester)

jim d'amato 02

jim d'amato 03