Joshua Ben Longo makes imaginary creatures.

The Brooklyn-based artist recently dropped off a batch of new prints at the Desert Island Comic shop on Metropolitan and Lorimer, though what he is best known for is his sculptures, which happen to look like surrealist versions of Muppets, Star Wars critters, even mystic beings from Brian Froud’s Dark Crystal.

Forged mostly of wool swatches of fabric, Longo’s critters play with notions of cuteness v. wildness, and domesticated uses of the dead animal for home goods (rugs, chair pads, etc.). His creatures, of course, were not slaughtered, nor captured. They exist first in his mind, where, the artist claims on his website, he experiences night terrors, voluntary hallucinations, and a belief in magic.

When fully rendered, the critters show distinct personality. They vacillate between terror, wonder, and melancholyall traits endowed them by their maker. (Brian Chidester)



"Burstil" (detail)

“Burstil” (detail)