Before street art began party-crashing the blue chip galleries, Cern (aka CernOne, aka Cernesto) was a local tagger of subway cars and brick walls. His meditative, playful murals still grace walls (and a few regular delivery trucks) around Greenpoint and Williamsburg, the latter where Cern has kept a studio since the late ’90s. Those were...

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I recently came across some more Alex Grey content. This past April, the mystic artist hosted a full moon gathering in at his CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) site in Wappingers Falls, NY, where a number of artists and disciples gathered to celebrate the spiritual side of art. Filmmaker Shay Motion set up camera and created the...

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NYC’s Erik Parker is a master stylist. In recent years, the artist’s work has become blue chip: his prints now sell through Pace Gallery, one of the biggies in New York and on the international scene. Yet part of Parker’s crossover appeal is the way he marries outsider styles (graffiti, illustration, art brut) with traditional fine art...

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Joshua Ben Longo makes imaginary creatures. The Brooklyn-based artist recently dropped off a batch of new prints at the Desert Island Comic shop on Metropolitan and Lorimer, though what he is best known for is his sculptures, which happen to look like surrealist versions of Muppets, Star Wars critters, even mystic beings from Brian Froud’s...

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Scumbags and Superstars is an alt-culture boutique in Bushwick that specializes in t-shirts, hats, patches, and other assorted collectibles of cartoon fiends. They opened in 2012 and quickly became square-one in the tiny NYC low-brow scene. Last year, however, the store came under fire for their official logo: a skull wearing an Indian headdress and a Nazi Iron...

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Camera:   DCS660C
Serial #: K660C-01000
Width:    3040
Height:   2008
Date:  8/11/00
Time:   12:13:33
DCS6XX Image
FW Ver:   3.0.14
TIFF Image
Look:   Product
Antialiasing Filter:  Installed
Counter:    [1469]
Shutter:  1/60
Aperture:  f22
ISO Speed:  100
Max Aperture:  f3.8
Min Aperture:  f24
Focal Length:  48
Exposure Mode:  Manual (M)
Meter Mode:  Color Matrix
Drive Mode:  Single
Focus Mode:  Manual (AF-M)
Focus Point:  Top
Flash Mode:  Normal Sync
Compensation:  +0.0
Flash Compensation:  +0.0
Self Timer Time:  10s
White balance: Preset (Flash)
Time: 12:13:33.493


New Yorkers not aware of Peter B. Jones should really change that… asap. Among Iroquois and other Native American cultures, Jones is a household name. To the rest of us, his work remains largely unknown. Raised on a reservation in Onondaga, NY, the artist came of age in the late 1960s and used pop art...

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